Rob concluded a 6 month contract for BlueTounge Entertainment / THQ Games, working on the video game DeBlob2. He worked from the PiPS N PiXLES sound studio and was solely responsible for the entire sound design and mixing of all the animation cut scenes or FMV’s for the game. This totalled 15 FMV’s, with a combined running time of over 30 minutes of detailed animation. Outcomes were for both the video game and marketing campaign.

The brief required all audio to be designed from ground up, a blank canvas if you will, with a film quality soundtrack.

The job amounted to well over 160 tracks of audio and complex "stem" bussing in each Protools session. This template allowed for the ultimate in creativity and absolute control of all elements in the final mix. Deliverables were printed in 5.1 and ProLogic II at 30 and 29.97 fps and prepared for ingest to all gaming platforms.

Check out the results below, it was a very very cool gig to be a part of!

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