This award winning web site is an online Alternate Reality Game. The drama is set around the leak of 'Bluebird', a clandestine geoengineering initiative created by eco-billionaire Harrison Wyld.

In an Australian first, the ABC Innovation Unit launched Bluebird AR on the 27th of April 2010, with a 6 week live phase. Audience members were invited to play collectively to help 'unlock the drama' and push forward the emerging narrative, or passively watch the story unfold in real-time across the internet.

Rob was responsible for the composition of the main music theme and remixed, “The Song of the Indian Guest” which was taken from the opera Sadko, by Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

In addition to the remix for the main theme, Rob’s role also required him to sound design and mix five video cut scenes and also design and mix seventeen audio monologue assets. These audio monologues follow one of the main characters Paul Kruger, where we hear him record his personal reflections into a dictaphone.

Check out the main theme and drama below. We will be adding the seventeen very cool audio monologues soon. The monologues were a highlight of the project for us, like a radio play of sorts. It's always fantastic to work with the ACB Innovation Unit!

Delivered project assets totalled over 20 minutes of content.

Sound Projects
Video Projects